Brooklyn Bridge-is Fall-N OUT!


Ok. So. New York weather may be the strangest thing known to man. I firmly believe the skies could unleash the most brutal snow storm and yield gorg. beach sunshiny rays all in one day. Point being: it's actually been SUPER beautiful..but.. overnight, Fall just HAPPENED. And today is a crisp, fresh, textbook fall day, and I welcome it with open, Matty arms. (I really do prefer spring, but shhhh)

So, part of this whole "MattyLuvs" thing is that, in order to have tidbits and smiles and experiences to share, I have to have tidbits and smiles and experiences to share! Consider it a.. Blog/Instagram Give-Give Relationship. Maybe? Idk. Basically, I'm just holding myself accountable to get OUT and explore! I learned while on tour that: 1) I really enjoy different sites and activities and 2) I'm really horrible at planning and researching said activities. 

Today's mission: Tackle the Brooklyn Bridge! I've lived in the city for ..well, technically two years, but technically only one.. and it occurred to me that this would be a perfect little adventure for me. Thus, I packed my sack lunch and hopped on the train down/over to Brooklyn for the first day of school.

Strangely enough, the hardest part was finding the actual bridge...? I was doing that thing where I glance at Google Maps once and then just try to use common sense and intuition to get myself where I'm going. (this typically doesn't go well) After a few wrong turns and a cute little stroll through a small park, I found the walkers' entrance! I had such a surge of excitement; I was doin' it! I thought, "Brooklyn IS cool! It's not just an obnoxious train ride! It's funnnn!" 

So I made my way along the bridge, taking pictures of the gorgeous view of the city whilst trying desperately to avoid being run over by all the bikers. They're no joke; I thought I was in my fave DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie), Motorcrossed. (Where my 90s kids at?!) But, it didn't take long for me to be completely in awe. For one thing, water is perhaps the number one element of nature that connects me to everything and relaxes me. y'all. That bridge is massive. It's an architectural piece of ART, managing to do it's job but also remain beautiful. And I realized: HOW DO PEOPLE EVEN BUILD BRIDGES!?! (thought that was gonna be a sappy, intellectual moment, didn'tcha?) I mean, I've driven, walked over, swam under, etc. many a bridge in my day - as we all probably do on a daily basis - and I never really stop to think, "How did this get here?" AND - usually, these things were built nearly a hundred years ago! Idk. It really blows my mind. 

Anyway.. as I was approaching the halfway mark (which was really just a bench I saw up ahead where I was going to eat - always hungry) I stopped to lean over the rails and just take some breaths, smelling the water and taking in the view. I looked down to notice that the rails are covered in little notes from people who have done exactly what I was doing.. Well, I always have two Sharpies in my bookbag - silver and black - so I took out the black one and left my little mark.. I just felt so inspired. I was standing on a bridge built by people who clearly had a vision; they saw a world where the people and business of Manhattan and Brooklyn could be connected... and they created that world! I find something pretty beautiful in that.. I mean, here I am in the "city of dreams," and yet, so many of us here get so bogged down by city life, and the mental and physical tolls it takes, that we spend most of our time running around like chickens with our heads cut off, with no clear focus, and our dreams get real blurred, real quick. Regardless of your geographic location, we all have dreams. We all have goals. What if we chose to see a world where all those aspirations are reality? What if our visions were so strong that we just willed them into existence?! What if it was that simple? Well...I think it is. I think you're incredible. I think you're a beautiful, empathetic soul. I think - no, I know - that there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have. 

So go BE, DO or HAVE whatever it is you want! Maybe it's a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe it's that McDonald's cheeseburger (Personally, I'm a huge fan. #paleo). Maybe it's that cutie you keep running in to.. doesn't matter! Do what makes you feel good. There's no point in doing anything else..

...what will be your "Brooklyn Bridge" this week..?! Tell me all about it!