Matty's Revenge

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OK. No one's mad here. Plus, me getting actual revenge would be off-brand, ya know? ;)

What I mean is: I'M BACK. Wow. I've spent the last four and a half months trying to get myself to keep this blog going..and I just couldn't. I was still livin' my MattyLuvs LYFE but I lost the desire and discipline to write a commentary of it. After a few lost opportunities, I said, "That's ok. Just take an afternoon, go to a coffee shop and write two or three." ........(crickets) And then, once it was the New Year, of course, I thought, "Ok. This is it. You can just like go write all the posts you would've written and like, that's a good start to 2018, right?!" ........(crickets that aren't even creaking their legs or whatever it is they do to make their cricket-sound) ....and that became, "Ok. Maybe you just make a new post and skip all that stuff and own up to it?"   ..........(yeah, the crickets died.)

That final idea seemed to make the most sense at this point, so...I'm doin' it. 

I went to the monthly event for #MyInnerGlow last night; lots of beautiful, inspiring people, a sound meditation, some poetry, and a lil' acoustic jam to make us all feel extra light-hearted. Afterwards, I went to a local Italian Cafe with three friends! One of them being Stephanie (who designed and built this loverly website) and the other two being friends I'd made through this same event, back in September! When we first went to this bar, it was very spontaneous and we wound up having six tequila shots... oops! But not oops, because we had a great time getting to know each other. ANYWAY. Last night was a lovely reunion that took me back to September, and where I was mentally and spiritually - when I first started this blog - and... I don't know. I just realized that I've been shaming myself for not keeping up with this; or, I felt like suddenly life wasn't all I was hoping it'd be and there wasn't anything "worth sharing." But ya know what?! Life has been really great. The other day on the train, I was "journaling" in my phone, and had a bit of a realization that came out like this: 

I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of the steps I'm taking, the choices I'm making and the treats I've been baking. ;)

Now, I don't usually rhyme my self-dsicoveries, but this one worked (heehee). But yeah, even on the worst, most boring #funemployed days, I have been so fortunate to just BE. And, reconnecting with these three reminded me of that. 

So, yeah. Sometimes, we take a little hiatus. Sometimes certain areas of our lives just aren't appealing.. we need a break. But that's not a bad thing! And it's not "unproductive" and it certainly isn't a lack of overall progress. We make progress EVERY. DAY. Progress comes in many, many forms. Some days, just making it to the kitchen for that cold brew is all you can muster. Other days, you get to the gym, go to work, do laundry, cook a ~paleo~ meal and you're sitting on your throne, overlooking your domain. But I'm gonna go ahead and make a crazy assumption that, if you hadn't given yourself the "lazy" day with your coffee, you wouldn't have made it through that superhero day.. and a superhero day wouldn't make you feel like a superhero if every day was a superhero-kind-of-day.. right? (Say "superhero" one more time.) 
..... superhero.

So, "all that to say:"  never be ashamed of where you are. Every minute is contributing to the next. And that's pretty cool. You're alright. :)

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Ah. Good to be back. 

Go ahead and check out my first few posts! I promise I'll stay on top of it this time ;)

Did you have a superhero-kind-of-day? Or a not-so-superhero-kind-of-day? Both are important; tell me about it! Oh, and if you've been baking any treats, share those too, PLZ.