Welcome to Matty Luvs!

Welcome to MattyLuvs!

Well hey there! 

Welcome to MattyLuvs! My name is Matt - nice to meet ya. I'm on a journey of appreciation and here's where I'm going to share what I find along the way: the things Matty "luvs."

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My Speed-Dating Sparknotes: 

  • I want to share joy, giggles and light in whatever way I can!
  • I tend to find a way in which the current moment feeds me and enlightens the next moment. So..lots of "food for thought."
  • Speaking of food...I'm Paleo! ...ish.... I love good fats and natural ingredients but...I also love desserts and ice cream sooo...
  • I'm gay! Of course, this doesn't actually matter but, since we're introducing ourselves, I want to be open and help you understand my perspective...shorthand: I believe in LOVE. 
  • Oh. Avocados, avocados, avocados. That's all. 
  • I'm a performer! Dancing, singing, acting, entertaining...it's what I love and I'm beyond grateful for the ability to be in NYC, pursuing one of my biggest dreams. 

Well, I'd say that covers it! 

I hope you check back in soon to follow my journey in the city as I search for some bits of positivity to lighten your day! 



Matthew Borchers